Monday, 5 November 2012

Review Chanel Lipstick Rouge Coco

Review Chanel Lipstick 
Rouge Coco 
20 Rose Cométe

I was looking for a lipstick with a pink-ish hue but of a nude persuasion. I think I swatched 20 lipsticks in Debenhams before finding this lipstick; Chanel Rouge Coco in shade 20 'cométe'.

It is a really creamy luxurious formula, not overly opaque but not sheer either. It is very hydrating and feels very comfortable on the lips.

The colour pay-off for comete is reasonable, I have to put two or three coats on to achieve an opaque pink sheen. There is a definite shimmer which shows up as more of a sheen than glitter. The colour is quite a cool pink, almost lilacy. 

The Chanel packaging is beautiful as always, the bullet feels and looks expensive and classy. I love that they impring 'Chanel' into the shaft of the lipstick. 

This  lasts for quite a while so in terms of re-applying through the day, it is probably required every four hours (what an incredibly subjective estimation, obviously this depends on how frequently you're drinking, eating and kissing!). This may not be what you'd want as there's something really cool about whipping out a Chanel lipstick for an application in a little flip mirror! 

They cost £24 in Debenhams, although I waited for the 10% beauty sale before purchasing (I'm thrifty like that). I probably won't repurchase as I'm not all that in love with the colour but I do rate the formulation highly for being so creamy and hydrating. 

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