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Sunday, 28 October 2012

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant Review

Elizabeth Arden
Eight Hour Cream 
Skin Protectant Review 

I had to review this stuff, it's absolute HG (holy grail) material for me. 

I first came across this when my mum recommended it to me during my acne hell; my skin was so sore and chapped from the treatments and I needed something to soothe my ruined face 

She bought a set in duty free including the tube of protectant, the lip balm and some face cream. I used up the latter two but haven't repurchased...

My god have I repurchased the Eight Hour Cream tubes... I have one in my handbag, one in my bedside table, one in my dresser and two more still packaged ready for emergencies... 

Background information: I really suffer with dry lips, if I'm caught without a balm, I'll just repurchase some... No matter how many Vaseline tins I have elsewhere. I have been known to hide balms at friends' houses to avoid the dry lip hell that leads to licking.. more dryness and a never ending circle of licking and hellishness.

I'll sum up in a tidy list

  • Moisturises lips like nothing else - as a dry lip sufferer, this baby has gotten me through two winters with smooth lips. 
  • A little goes a long way - I still haven't used up my first tub that I got two years ago
  • Smells medicinal and good - lots of people don't like the smell but I hate overpowering sweet scents. This smells luxurious and herbal to me
  • Multifaceted - I use this on my lips, on my elbows, to tame fly away hairs, as an intensive under eye treatment, for dry nose after a cold... dry knees. Anything that's dry, this is the answer
  • An all purpose make up trick - on the tops of cheek bones as a highlighter, as a moisturising lip gloss, to tame eyebrows, as a clear mascara
  • As an intensive facial moisturiser on long haul flights, or mixed with normal moisturiser for a daily night cream
  • To add shine down the fronts of shins if you're wearing an outfit that bears your legs

As the ingredients list 'Ricinus Communis Seed Oil' (Castor Oil) and caster oil is known for its uses in hair growth, I did start using 8 hour cream as a growth serum on my eyelashes and eyebrows. Alas, no results there...

The active ingredient is Petrolium (like Vaseline), but it also has Lanolin (moisturising) and Salicylic Acid. Salicylic Acid is used for combating acne. It's an ingredient in many topical solutions and Clinique's Anti Blemish Foundation. 

When I first heard about this I assumed it would be a cream... But it's more of a serum like gel. It's orange in colour but goes on clear. 

Absolutely highly recommended product! This retails at £25 in Boots. Whilst I think it's worth the price with all its uses and longevity, I have never paid that amount for it. I've always bought it duty free or during a 10% discount at Debenhams event (which they have about every quarter)

Do you have a HG product? Let me know what yours are, I'm always looking to try new things!

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